ALURA DIAMONDS DESIGNS, develops markets and distributes jewelry collection and premium brands to our clients with fine jewelry for every occasion and preference. Our Company boasts a vast array that includes some of the most notable and creative Italian and Arabic jewelry designs surrounding four main categories: Artistic, Classic, Fashion and Gifts. Based in UNITED KINGDOM, ALURA DIAMONDS had grown up with extensive sales and marketing operations, full- fledged manufacturing facilities and a extensive design team from around the globe. We create Jewelry of unsurpassed beauty of high standard dazzling craftsmanship with technical perfection to meet our Clients taste. ALURA DIAMONDS, has adopted this concept as our Company symbol for love, trust and commitment.

ALURA DIAMONDS is well received by our Clients and we intend to extend furthermore in Qatar and Worldwide with a new concept of High-End Kiosk in the name of ALURA DIAMONDS. Targeting the mid range customers for their ready to wear jewelry who are on the lookout for something unique that truly defines the Women in You. Our Company has adopted our concept of jewelry for Love, Trust and Commitment. It serves as a reminder of our love to our customers, from the warm welcoming and friendly service that we provide by giving extra miles for our customers and pampering with exciting rewards. Trust the customer has in us, knowing that they can count on us of the quality of the product. It’s also our Commitment we have towards them by providing our customers with the best service and after sales. Steeped in rich tradition of masterful jewelry designs, ALURA DIAMONDS brand is a synonymous with Luxury.


Alura diamonds is focused on delivering the finest craftsmanship, Quality customer service and are committed to retaining and expanding our Presence in the market worldwide.


Enhance the value of the Brand, by ensuring that ALURA DIAMONDS delivers the best in designs and quality with our motto
“Luxury embedded with Trust”.


ALURA DIAMONDS is passionate about our Collections; quality and we believe in our design as much as we believe in ourselves

  • Continue to introduce finest and fashionable collection to match the trendy market
  • Strength is our Customer, we value our Customers
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Committed and loyal employees are the heart of our Company
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